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Pet screen

Pet screen can effectively resist scratch that from small pets like dogs and cats.


Anti-dust screen

Anti-dust screen effectively prevents your house or workplace from dust.


304 stainless steel security screen

304 stainless steel security screen with high strength and good toughness can withstand damage from pliers, saw, knife and hammer.


Anti-pollen screen

Anti-pollen screen can protect your house from pollen.


Security Screen for Home/Workplace Protection

Security screen is a functional and practical window screen that provides us a lot of convenient in our daily life. With the advantages of good toughness, high strength and anti-theft, security screen is widely used for insect screen in doors and windows, and in the corridor to prevent your safety at home or in workplace. The colors of security screen can be black, gray or spray into other color. Furthermore, made from environmentally friendly stainless steel wire 304, 316 wire and powder coating, security screen is increasingly used in high-grade office buildings, residential and various buildings and gradually stepping into the international market.

What kinds of window screen do we supply?
Material Classification
Stainless steel security screen

Stainless steel security screen is a new and high-end home security screen in the market, fits for high-end family doors and windows, meets the needs of high-end customers. With high strength, anti-theft, bulletproof, impact resistance and other excellent properties, it gradually becomes a substitute product of ordinary nylon screens. Even use a hammer, knife, saw, pliers and scissors to damage the screen, it could only make security screen surface coating damage but the screen without deformation. So the stainless steel security screen for window screen or door screen can offer you safety and protection at home or in workplace.

Stainless steel security screen with high strength can withstand damage from knife, hammer, scissors, saw and pliers.
Metal mesh screen

Stainless steel mesh screen is a kind of plain woven security screen, it offers good lighting and ventilation, keeps natural flow of fresh air 24 hours a day and reduces unnecessary air conditioning running. It not only save energy but also reduce air conditioning brings sub-health which give you and your family a healthy body and mind.

Aluminum alloy window screen is also called epoxy resin paint aluminum window screen. The natural color of aluminum alloy window screen is silver, after coating epoxy resin paint, it can be white, gray, yellow and so on all kinds of color. And aluminum alloy insect screen is lightweight and convenient to transport. Because of its corrosion resistance, it is suitable for humid environment.

Galvanized steel insect screen has 1250 Mpa - 1350 Mpa high tensile strength, so it can ensure the safety of children and babies. The structure of galvanized steel insect screen is in accordance with standard mesh aperture size of ordinary nylon screen, so it can effectively prevent rodents biting, mosquitoes or pets collision damage.

Three different kinds of metal mesh screen - aluminum screen, stainless steel screen and galvanized screen.
Fiberglass fabric mesh screen

Fiberglass fabric mesh screen can be divided into two kinds:

Anti-dust screen can effectively protect your house from dust particles, insects, rodents, birds or reptiles entering your house. And if you work in industrial district, it can also prevent office buildings from industrial floating dust.

Pet screen has soft structure but durable material. Its material fiberglass fabric with high tensile strength can effectively resist scratch that from small pets like dogs and cats. It is not easy to be damaged, at the same time it can also ensure the safety of your pets.

Anti-dust screen and pet screen.
Nylon fabric mesh screen

Anti-pollen screen is made from heavy-duty nylon fabric mesh with small mesh size, good flexibility and smooth surface. People who is allergic to pollen don't have to worry about this problem. Anti-pollen screen can effectively prevent your house or workplace from pollen and willow catkin.

Anti-pollen screen with small mesh size has soft structure.

If you are interested in our security screen, please provide information about: security screen's raw material, wire diameter, mesh opening and color. And if you want to know more information about our products and services, please browse our website and contact our sales expert waiting on line at once. In addition, If you have any questions or difficulties, you can go to ask our customer advisory service, we will do our utmost effort to answer your questions and give you a satisfactory solution.

Hot Products

201 stainless steel mesh security screen with good acid and alkali resistance is widely used as window screen for home, office buildings and schools.


316L stainless steel security screen is used for window security screen or door security screen in chemical industrial district and marine environment.


316 stainless steel security screen with powder coated layer offers perfect corrosion resistance is used for houses, industrial district and marine.


304 stainless steel security screen is superior hardness, high strength, good toughness and used for home, banks, airports and suburbs.

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