Specialized Security Screen Manufacturer from China

Our company is a professional company with years of experience, we are committed to doing various kinds of wire mesh products. Window screen is one of our manufactured products. It includes stainless steel security screen, stainless steel mesh screen, fiberglass fabric mesh screen and nylon fabric mesh screen. Among these products, stainless steel security screen is the main product of our company. And our company offers ten different kinds of window screen for your selection, we believe you can find a window screen that makes you feel satisfied.

Stainless steel security screen for knife, scissors, hammer, saw and pliers test.

Features of stainless steel security screen

Stainless steel security screen is a new screen which becomes increasingly popular in the international market. The unique features of security screen are anti-theft, bulletproof, high strength and impact resistance, this ensures your safety at home or in your workplace. And black security screen blocks the sight for people from outside while you can see outdoor views clearly. At the same time it can also resist up to 30% UV rays, so you can avoid UV damage to the skin while enjoy the warm sunlight. In addition to these advantages, Its material stainless steel wire and plain woven process ensure the screens have a longer service time than ordinary screen. With good moisture resistant, anti mosquito and rodent, invisible ventilation, fire prevention and anti-dust properties, security screen is widely used in houses, office buildings, suburbs, banks, airports, resorts, hospitals, schools, nursing homes and other living areas.

Our company has professional and high efficiency team that are waiting on-line. We supplies you ten different kinds of screen. Among them, security screen is the main product we manufacture. With high strength and good toughness properties, it can withstand damage from knife, pliers, saw and ensure your safety. And we supply metal mesh screen, include stainless steel mesh screen, aluminum alloy insect screen and galvanized steel window screen. They offer good lighting and ventilation, keep fresh air and prevent rodents biting, mosquitoes or pets collision damage. Furthermore, we also manufacture fiberglass fabric mesh screen like anti-dust screen and pet screen, anti-dust screen can resist dust out of your house while pet screen can effectively prevent scratch that from small pets like dogs and cats. At the same time, anti-pollen screen is also a kind of screen we manufacture, it can protect your house or workplace from pollen and willow catkin.

  • Raw material
    We pay attention to the selection of raw material, insist to choose the best material, and provide costumers with affordable prices. We can guarantee all of our products are manufactured under strict quality management and works well for years.
  • The quality of our security screen
    We provide you with premium products, attach importance to the top quality of materials, strict environmental standards and maximum safety. Our company is committed to the business community to provide high quality and services, so we promise you can rest assured the use of our security screen.
  • Various types of window screen
    Our company offers you ten different kinds of window screen, and each kind of window screen has different dimensions and colors for your selection. At the same time, if you have special needs, we can also customize for you according to your requirements.
  • Competitive price
    In terms of price, we provides quality products with low prices as there is no middleman to earn price difference. Furthermore, because of our large amount of output, we can buy the same material at a lower price than our competitors. Thus make our security screen affordable with competitive price.

Our professional team

  • Before sale
    If you are interested in or have any questions about raw material, wire diameter, mesh opening and color of our window screen, please give us a call or send us an email, we will give you the most professional advice at the first time and help you make the most favorable choice.
  • On sale
    The staff of our team can speak English fluently, so you can contact with us about more product details. The professional waiting on line service team will offer you the best quality service and answer your patiently
  • After sale
    If you have any questions about the installation or quality of our window screen, you can contact our after-sale service team at once. We will contact you as soon as possible and do our utmost effort to help you solve the problem.